Kindness, Inclusion, and Respect for ALL of God’s Children

I went to bed late and woke up early to continue a dialog with a person who had a lot of questions regarding LGBTQ Latter-day Saint individuals and seeking to understand I shared part of my response on my facebook personal page and I’m feeling that perhaps this should be my first blog post… 

I have many LGBTQ friends, I have heard their stories, we’ve cried together and laughed together, and exchanged lots of hugs. I have LGBTQ friends who are active in the Church of Jesus Christ, hold church callings, serve in the temple, a few even sing in the choir at temple square. Some of my gay and lesbian friends have married in the temple, others could no way marry someone of the opposite sex and choose to keep their covenants as a single person in the gospel. Many have shared their stories on LDS Voices of Hope (dot) org and the church website. I also have gay and lesbian friends who are no longer (or never have been) members of the church and are in relationships, and many have married their partners. ALL are good people!!!

Each of my LGBTQ friends (whether in the church or out of the church) know that I am a friend without judgement. They know I am a straight, cis-gender, married, and an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ… and they LOVE ME anyway! It’s a wonderful mutual exchange of love and respect.

I hope as you go about your day, you are able to show Kindness, Inclusion, and Respect for All of God’s Children.


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